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Friday, August 27, 2010


Its been a long time I did not come here for update
Now I'm here to tell a story xD
Recently I fall in love to know about the past story
I really wish to know how they survive in past without internet, shopping mall, music player... etc
Well... May be my question is quite silly
But nowadays, we have shopping mall, we have music player, we have internet, we have cell phone
What about the past human being?
They may be have shopping mall, but I bet, that shopping mall is not as big as nowadays.
They may be have entertainment, but I bet, that's all is not electronic type! Like our computer, psp, ps2, ps3..etc

And the past is really bad!
I mean for feminie!!
They don't even have dignity for themselves.
They even do somethings to herself to get the love from her husband
As we know, I mean chinese
During the past,
Husband can own a lot of wife
Thus, to get the attention from husband
They willing to do something to themselves to gain more attention from their husband!
What the heck of the past world is that???
I'm sorry, I really cannot accept the past for the feminie... T_T

Well, the information I searched from net,
Show one part of  the past feminie do to get attention from the guys
Picture more than thousand words...
Let's see the pictures~

Look!!! Their LEG!!!!
Is not more that 4inch!!!!
I feel the pain!!!
But this was the past...
In China, this tradition is still exist in a small village far away from the town
But I don't know where~

And here another picture

Look at her leg!

And this!!
The original of our leg and their leg!!!

I'm proud to be the new century human being
When the time I saw those picture
I feel ...
My tears almost out!!
I don't know why...

Just happy to be here!!!
And thanks for reading!!

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