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Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have two movies for today!

One is the Charlie and the chocolate factory.
I love this movie very much!
Its really wonderful and amazing!

I can't imagine that factory will be like a fairyland
Oh My God!
For those who haven't watch it
You should go for it!
Here's the latest picture cover of the movie~

The Willy Wonka inviting 5 children to visit his entire factory...
And Charlie was the luckiest who get the golden ticket!
Besides, he also won the factory of the Willy Wonka.
Here's the golden ticket!

See... How nice the golden ticket is~

Here are five little children who got the golden ticket

First is Augustus from Germany....
I can't find his picture review in google.. T__T
I'm sorry, but you can found his look in the second picture of review.

Secondly is Veruca Salt from England.
This girl is totally spoiled by her father..
Her father gives whatever she want...

Third is Violet Beauregarde from Georgia
She always think that she is the winner
How beastly girl she is...
By the way, she always chewing a gum in her mouth...
She likes gum actually...

Then comes to Mike Teave from Colorado
This little boy is a devil in cracking the system
And his mind is full of .... oh~ urhh...
Somethings like computer world? or in science?
I don't know how to express him~

The last person who found the golden ticket is Charlie
For sure~
He is the leading actor in this movie~
He comes from the poor family but with a happy family~
How nice~
He is the only one who doesn't complain a lot during the tour of the factory
And he really enjoy inside the factory
Especially the first step he step into the room of the candy land...
He spoke :" its beautiful"

I like this movie a lot
I watched it many times ago...
And now, I take this movie as my assignment in Interpersonal Communication~

Oh yea..
I found this

I think this is the old version of the Charlie and the chocolate factory~

You are suck!!
You are noob!!
If you really want to know me..
Then you should know my identity first
I hate people who want to know me without introduce him/herself!
You jerk!

This message is for the owner of +6016-5491346

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cute Assignment

Assignment oh assignment

I don't know what you want from me~

I can't really understand of you~

Please send me a day to understand you more~~


Wednesday, January 27, 2010












Sunday, January 24, 2010











Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'd download the JCreator...
I don't know how to function it...

What is that?
It's totally different with visual studio...
Anyone willing to teach me in Chinese Version... xD

Should I take a debit card???
This is a very good question right?
Anyone willing to give me the advantages and disadvantages of the debit card?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Semester with New Building

Well, this is the second time I meet Dr.Choo in UCCN2003 IP/TCP
Dr.Choo always treat us as "white mice"
Everythings that we do now is for a conclusion whether he want to continue his style for our junior
He is really PRO in finding what we had done during semester two~
Take home exam of our mid term, and post the answer onto the pastie...
Copy all the work done from friends.... etc.. etc..

Here's provide his handsome photo~



I know it was blur
But try to imagine his style..
Actually, he is kind a best lecturer that I met...
He will ignore the attendence list...
xD and make us with full attendence... No body will get barred~~
To pass his subject is easy.. but not to get an A or A+
This is him~~
His style.....
Because he is Dr.Choo

Here is another building in my campus...
Many people state it is a shopping center~
Try to have a look with this building...

Is it look like a shopping center???
I have my ugly self snapshot again

With an ugly smile... T___T

Monday, January 18, 2010

First day of new semester

Ok~ My class was in 8am
Which is UAMG1043 Interpersonal Communication
And the special I get is, my lecturer isn't from Malaysia
He is from Nigeria

Here's providing the photo of my cool lecturer

See him???
How nice that I'm having a foreign lecturer...
Oh yea...
His name is : Ihediwa Samuel Chibundu
Don't ask me how to pronouns it...
I don't know... xD
Perhaps we can call him "sir"

Then come to UCCM2103 Calculus II and Application
I was suprise that lecturer still remain Mr.Yeoh
Which is the most cutest lecturer among all the lecturer that I had seen~
Here to share his cutest photo with all of you~~

Don't fool by the picture!!!
His teaching is very cute~~ xD

I was really tired...
I slept today morning at 4am
Was killing my eyes~
I can't sleep well at all...
My mind was thinking somethings that killing my heart too
Well, I guess I'm going to be crazy~
Just forget about it~
I promise that I will not repeat my error again~~

Thinking what to have during dinner later...^__^

Saturday, January 16, 2010

a stay

I don't know what to write
But what I can show is
I'm in Johor Bahru now~
In the Grand Paragon Hotel...
Time is 2:24am and the date is 16-Jan-2010

I can't sleep...
I just went to visit my father...
Just don't ask me again how is my father going on~!
All those question I already post into my chinese blog and lock it with password
I don't want to share my sadness...~~
That's all~~~

Thursday, January 14, 2010


My Gosh, there is still 3 more days
I have to leave my sweety hometown...
I don't want to go back campus!!!
I don't want to study... T___T
But that is impossible...

I done packing since 2weeks ago
Those cloths i seldom wear, I already pack into my bag~
Leave those tiny things such as BB cream, Toner, Cleanser and so on
Haven't pack into my bag

I have to drive back to kampar...
What a boring driving~~
Can I move the whole campus to my hometown?
Oh God....
There will a lot of students might kill me...

Well, well, well
I was being disturb by some annoying guy!!
But I still treating "it" as invisible~~

Life is still going on~
Everythings is still going on!!
I start to love my life...
I mean single life...
Without anyone disturb!!!
Do what ever you like to do~
Hang out to have movies~

Let's close this chat
That's alll.... xD

Monday, January 11, 2010

I found this on my friend's facebook

Wow, it was awesome~
from here, I can found back all my secondary school's friends....
Thanks to Yuzaida Yusof that she created this event..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New cloths for you, dear blog

I try my best for this blog to have a new look

To : my dear blog
         I wish you will like this out look that I designed for you last few days. I was thinking on how to make you more cheerful, more pretty, more attractive~ Hope you will love it ^_^ muakss blog, you are always my best listener... My promise to you, I will always take care of you. You and Wretch are path of my life.. Without you and your sister, I really have no idea where to find a listener... I will love you, my dear blog.. and same to your sister, Wretch. ^_^

From : small tomato

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy that having facebook

It was a great holidays for me...
Although I'm not always with computer...
Not always being with facebook and so on~
Still during night or when I have free time
I always search for friends' list from facebook
How lucky am I~
I found my 3Biru classmate from facebook
Siti Aishah, Nur Ilyani Yusof, Yuzaida Yusof, Mayang Sari.....
And some of my primary's school friends too...
That is really a big chance from them...
They even grown pretty and handsome...


Was really tired recently...
My mom was out to Johor..
We did not follow up
First reason, my sister is on schooling now, I need to fetch her go to school and back
Second reason, if I follow up, who take care of my sister?

Today was really terriible...
I need to cook myself for me and sister...
We was thinking what to eat during lunch..
Now dinner again...
Have no idea with it...

Suffer without mama~~~

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My result was out....

Good~ I pass all...
Really God Bless Me...
I finally pass my Pengajian Malaysia...

Now... waiting for the student bill...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Self Snapshot

Well, I was always out recently...
Out for settle my things...
Such as bank-ing... payment for bill and so on
The driver in my hometown is suck!!!
They don't even have the law of traffic rules...
Even have no signal when they want to take a turn...
The most worse is
GUYS in here like to bully those girl who is driving..
Lucky I'm trained by uncle and some of my friends..(guys..)
Plus the Proton Satria's pro enjin...
I can speed up faster than usual...
Feel bored on driving..
I think is better to sleep at home...

Being a pig tomato

Here's my self snapshot




Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Malay Song

Have you ever heard before malay song?
Sometimes is nice to feel it....
Try this team -- Sofaz

Cintai Aku
pesan untukmu yang telah ku ucapkan
cintai aku dan bukan yang lain
tak ada lagi yang kuinginkan
selain hanya dirimu

Andai bintang mampu sinari
hati dan tubuhku agar terlihatmu

cintai aku dan bukan yang lain
tak ada lagi yang kuinginkan
selain hanya dirimu

(kaulah pilihan)Jadilah seperti
yang aku mahu
(kaulah pilihan)Selalu bersamaku
siang dan malam
(kurasa benar)Kaulah pilihan
dari segala ada
Kurasa benar saat bersamamu

Miliki aku tak ada yang lain
yang ku inginkan selain dirimu

(kaulah pilihan)Jadilah seperti
yang aku mahu
(kaulah pilihan)Selalu bersamaku
siang dan malam
(kurasa benar)Kaulah pilihan
dari segala ada
Kurasa benar saat bersamamu
Kurasa benar

Berulang kali ku mencuba memujuk dirimu cuba menjernihkan...
Pertelingkahan antara kita berdua...
Kau hilang dan terus membisu beginikah cara kau menghukum aku...
Atas kesilapanku menduakan dirimu...
Maafkan aku...

Tak terlintas difikiranku melukai kamu permainkan cinta
Yang telah kau berikan sepenuhnya padaku..
Tiada dua atau tiga pengganti dirimu pada kau yang satu
Ku abadikan cinta selamanya
Hanya padamu kekasihku...

Bukakanlah pintu hatimu
Izinkan aku kembali padamu...
Ku sesalkan perbuatan ku ini
Tak akan berulang lagi ku janji...
Terimalah ku kembali kasih...

Biarpun ribut melanda namun tetap aku berdiri menunggu
Agar terbukti janjiku padamu...
Tidakkah terdetik hatimu untuk memaafkan kesalahan aku
Berikan peluang sekali lagi...
Hanya ku pinta...

Bukakanlah pintu hatimu
Izinkan aku kembali padamu...
Ku sesalkan perbuatan ku ini
Tak akan berulang lagi ku janji...

(Bukakanlah pintu hatimu
Izinkan aku kembali padamu...
Ku sesalkan)
Bukakanlah pintu hatimu
Izinkan aku kembali padamu...
Ku sesalkan perbuatan ku ini
Tak akan berulang lagi ku janji...
Terimalah ku kembali kasih...

Try to listen to those two song that I recommended...
Is really nice... xD

Monday, January 4, 2010

Birthday of Sir Isaac Newton

04 January 2010, Google Homepage,  Birthday of Sir Isaac Newton

If you’ve noticed the new Google homepage today wherein an apple drops in your screen after a few seconds when the Google page is loaded, then you’ll be curious why the apple dropped. Others find it funny, while others are thinking deeply what’s the reason behind the apple drop.
Some people said that it’s because of Google’s rival with Apple. While others just didn’t care about it.
So why did the apple drop? You’ll find the answer once you click on the Google doodle.
After clicking the doodle, you’ll realize that today is Isaac Newton’s birthday! Isaac Newton got famous because he dropped an apple! That’s it! That’s whythe apple drop in Google’s homepage!
Know more about this famous guy who dropped the famous apple here.
Happy birthday Isaac Newton!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Google New Year 2010

01st January 2010, Google Homepage, Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year~~

A first post of new year~~

Wish yea all happy always
No regrets and so on....

Bla bla bla~~~~