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Monday, February 1, 2010

Hate This Way

Just now I received a stalker's sms again~
He can't get what I mean to him...
I think he is no different with that person I met in my campus!
Each time sms me and saying nonsense things
Make me really annoying!!

I hate this way!!!
Can I change my phone number??
No way for letting me to do so!
I love this number very much!

But I start to miss my old number
My old number was awesome actually
Bought by my mom~
Thanks to mom that bought for me one!
I love you mom~!

At last, I annoy to use it...
Because the time working in Kepong.
Force to change number!
I'm so sorry mother!
By the way, I'm still a good girl to you.

A tired day for me today
And Kampar is HOT!

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