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Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have two movies for today!

One is the Charlie and the chocolate factory.
I love this movie very much!
Its really wonderful and amazing!

I can't imagine that factory will be like a fairyland
Oh My God!
For those who haven't watch it
You should go for it!
Here's the latest picture cover of the movie~

The Willy Wonka inviting 5 children to visit his entire factory...
And Charlie was the luckiest who get the golden ticket!
Besides, he also won the factory of the Willy Wonka.
Here's the golden ticket!

See... How nice the golden ticket is~

Here are five little children who got the golden ticket

First is Augustus from Germany....
I can't find his picture review in google.. T__T
I'm sorry, but you can found his look in the second picture of review.

Secondly is Veruca Salt from England.
This girl is totally spoiled by her father..
Her father gives whatever she want...

Third is Violet Beauregarde from Georgia
She always think that she is the winner
How beastly girl she is...
By the way, she always chewing a gum in her mouth...
She likes gum actually...

Then comes to Mike Teave from Colorado
This little boy is a devil in cracking the system
And his mind is full of .... oh~ urhh...
Somethings like computer world? or in science?
I don't know how to express him~

The last person who found the golden ticket is Charlie
For sure~
He is the leading actor in this movie~
He comes from the poor family but with a happy family~
How nice~
He is the only one who doesn't complain a lot during the tour of the factory
And he really enjoy inside the factory
Especially the first step he step into the room of the candy land...
He spoke :" its beautiful"

I like this movie a lot
I watched it many times ago...
And now, I take this movie as my assignment in Interpersonal Communication~

Oh yea..
I found this

I think this is the old version of the Charlie and the chocolate factory~

You are suck!!
You are noob!!
If you really want to know me..
Then you should know my identity first
I hate people who want to know me without introduce him/herself!
You jerk!

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  1. ya, i like this story,
    Charlie and the choclate factory.. :)