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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A day for today

Today went out with sherry
Just to waste the time
Because it is really boring if I just stay in the house
Without doing anythings
(Actually I done washing clothes, and dried up the cloths under the sun)
Just want to out for a walk only

On the way to Sherry house
I saw this car
BMW Z4 (Last time saw it in our campus, but this is the different color one)

Its so pretty (I mean the car, OKAY?)
I wish that I would have it one day

Well, found Sherry in her house and went for lunch
Then went to change the stupid mascara that I bought yesterday which DRIED UP
Lucky they allow me to change it
Bought two cute slipper for campus wear

After that have a round with car to Bandar Baru
Because Sherry requested to terminate the broadband of maxis
Bad luck, the agent told her to terminate it in KL with broadband
Before went to cut my hair, again bought somethings
Rubik Cube, Boots and so on
I forgot what I've bought

These are all the cubes I bought in my hometown

My new hair style and my previous hair style
It is really a very big different right? xD

This the way of I pass my day for today~!
All sadness have been forgotten

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