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Monday, December 14, 2009

a new blog of english that created by tomato

Oh well, this is totally a new blog of english that I ever had.
What happen to my older blog?
Oh??? Chinese blog? Well, its still with me ^_^
I just want to create an english blog and fill up my feeling with english sometimes.
Do let me to create it.....
I would like to improve my english.

Haha, sure there's some fella will asked me why not using my chinese blog?
And why here?
Well, for that wretch, it is actually my main blog, this is a sub blog for myself.
Can stop asking a lot of question?
I feeling bored with those kind of question.

Can I start blogging???

I just done my Pengajian Malaysia's examination.
It was so cruel to me... T____T
I feel want to cry it out when I saw the question.
I do read and memorize it. Once the question comes to my hand
OMG!!!! Where is the key words that I memorize yesterday?
Where is all the sentences that I tried to understand since yesterday?
I scared to fail this paper again. I don't wish to fail it!~
Please, give me some luck.
I don't want to repeat it. Please.... T____T

Let's forget about this sad story
I still have one more paper to go
Which is UCCD2103 Operating System
I wish to fail to meet the lecture again XD
But it's not a joke for me to do that

After Operating System, is a time for me to go to KL first
Which is the place where I stayed before for a year
And I LOVE shopping in KL~~~
Time Square, Sungai Wang, LowYat, Pavillion (only allow me to window shopping), StarHill (same situation with Pavillion).
Might going to MidValley or Sunway Pyramid or One Utama or or...
oh err.....
I forgot....
The curve.... ^_^
Most likely going to Sunway Pyramid and MidValley
I miss shopping in ROMP~~

Wow, my first english blog is so long~
Gratx to myself...


  1. Will u be at KL on Christmas? (o_o)

  2. Yes, my dear friend, I will be in KL during Christmas~

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