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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Back to hometown yesterday
I went to Genting Highlands after the OS exam
It was a nice trip
Enjoying the cold weather at there
And eating nice food at there
I like the LAKSA inside the Apartment Ria
Although it is quite expensive compare to down moutain
But I feel it is worth for paying it

During the period in Genting
I did not go to the theme park
Perhaps you will ask me why not going to have fun
My answer to you
I do like have fun
But not in this season
Its quite a lot of people queue-ing up waiting for their turn
I don't like to queue for so long

I did not spend my time in KL after back from Genting
I was really tired
I need a rest
Thus, I take me decision to come back hometown
So sweet ~~~

I was having dinner in Sushi King with mom and sister
How nice that having a dinner with family
I love it~ ^_^
Having a walk in Giant and bought somethings... eye linear with shine (purple colour)

Today I have a "dim sum" with uncle, big brother, mom and sister
I want to eat "ha kao" but the waiter does not come to me
End up, I give up for eating it
What a wonderful morning.
Again, I spent money on buying a set of cloths
Short pants and T-shirt.
Total up is only cost me RM 25
Similar price in KL~~

Having lunch soon~~~

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