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Monday, January 4, 2010

Birthday of Sir Isaac Newton

04 January 2010, Google Homepage,  Birthday of Sir Isaac Newton

If you’ve noticed the new Google homepage today wherein an apple drops in your screen after a few seconds when the Google page is loaded, then you’ll be curious why the apple dropped. Others find it funny, while others are thinking deeply what’s the reason behind the apple drop.
Some people said that it’s because of Google’s rival with Apple. While others just didn’t care about it.
So why did the apple drop? You’ll find the answer once you click on the Google doodle.
After clicking the doodle, you’ll realize that today is Isaac Newton’s birthday! Isaac Newton got famous because he dropped an apple! That’s it! That’s whythe apple drop in Google’s homepage!
Know more about this famous guy who dropped the famous apple here.
Happy birthday Isaac Newton!

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  1. Google's falling apple is looking cute.