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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Semester with New Building

Well, this is the second time I meet Dr.Choo in UCCN2003 IP/TCP
Dr.Choo always treat us as "white mice"
Everythings that we do now is for a conclusion whether he want to continue his style for our junior
He is really PRO in finding what we had done during semester two~
Take home exam of our mid term, and post the answer onto the pastie...
Copy all the work done from friends.... etc.. etc..

Here's provide his handsome photo~



I know it was blur
But try to imagine his style..
Actually, he is kind a best lecturer that I met...
He will ignore the attendence list...
xD and make us with full attendence... No body will get barred~~
To pass his subject is easy.. but not to get an A or A+
This is him~~
His style.....
Because he is Dr.Choo

Here is another building in my campus...
Many people state it is a shopping center~
Try to have a look with this building...

Is it look like a shopping center???
I have my ugly self snapshot again

With an ugly smile... T___T

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