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Monday, January 18, 2010

First day of new semester

Ok~ My class was in 8am
Which is UAMG1043 Interpersonal Communication
And the special I get is, my lecturer isn't from Malaysia
He is from Nigeria

Here's providing the photo of my cool lecturer

See him???
How nice that I'm having a foreign lecturer...
Oh yea...
His name is : Ihediwa Samuel Chibundu
Don't ask me how to pronouns it...
I don't know... xD
Perhaps we can call him "sir"

Then come to UCCM2103 Calculus II and Application
I was suprise that lecturer still remain Mr.Yeoh
Which is the most cutest lecturer among all the lecturer that I had seen~
Here to share his cutest photo with all of you~~

Don't fool by the picture!!!
His teaching is very cute~~ xD

I was really tired...
I slept today morning at 4am
Was killing my eyes~
I can't sleep well at all...
My mind was thinking somethings that killing my heart too
Well, I guess I'm going to be crazy~
Just forget about it~
I promise that I will not repeat my error again~~

Thinking what to have during dinner later...^__^

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